About Me

Welcome! This website is meant to organize my work and help others, who are interested in what I do, find my initiatives, publications, articles, and know what I am up to.

I am Professor of Law and W. Joseph Ford Fellow at Loyola Law School, Los Romano-webAngeles. I am Italian by birth, and a naturalized American. I grew up between Milano, Italy, and Vienna, Austria, where my mother’s family lives. I have degrees in three different disciplines (political science, international relations and law) from three countries (Italy, Switzerland, and the United States). I believe my life, scholarship, and teaching reflect the variety of my background.

My main fields of activity are international courts and tribunals, and international human rights. Over the past twenty years of my life, I have extensively written on a variety of public international law topics, including international human rights law, international courts and tribunals, international dispute settlement, international environmental law, and international criminal and humanitarian law.

Captivated by the 1972 Presidential Campaign. I could not read yet!

I have had a keen interest in people, international relations, politics, and power since I was a child. War in general, and the Cold War politics -the Vietnam War, the dissidents in the USSR, the struggle of Solidarnosc, apartheid in South Africa- gripped my attention when I was a kid. Growing up, I decided to dedicate myself to peace and human rights.